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What does it mean to be educated?

In a day and age where information is ubiquitous, the space has become increasingly fragmented. And people are starting to ask questions.

Between private and public, Montessori’s and home schools – even MOOCs and online courses. The game is rapidly changing.

Now, it’s not just what we learn.

It’s how we learn, and why we do it.

Of course, cv 19 only added fuel to this fire, catalyzing what seems to be a whole new industry of internet and video based instruction.

In episode two of the Human Kind Podcast, we talked about the landscape surrounding higher education, in 2021 and beyond.

Alonna Williams

Alonna is masters student studying International Development in Madrid, Spain.

In this conversation, we cover some pros and cons that come with studying abroad, along with what it’s like being a brown girl in a new city trying to find her place in it.

We also hit on what it means to be an employee today, as well as some hot takes surrounding unpaid vs paid internships.

Ms. Williams is a super individual, with a kind heart and a lovely perspective on the world, and so, I decided to bring her on.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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Next week we’ll be back with some more human perspectives. These more on the business side of things. Stay tuned.

Until then, stay in love.

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