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Today I'm joined by Simon Barry Operations wizard and business strategist who has worked with some of the biggest startups across the world. Discussing topics surrounding the evolution of business practices, and leadership in 21st century. Find him online @eggwhisk  Or check out his website – simonbarry.tv
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What does the future of learning entail?

It’s a question that deserves some thought.

We are soon to enter a world where jobs will be created at a faster clip than we can account for via traditional means of education.

In fact, one statistic pulled from The Institute for the Future even states that “85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 have not been invented yet..”

The world is changing, and how we change with it will be the defining characteristic of our time.

In short, our ideals are under attack – and the ways in which we relate to this new world are being constantly threatened by a lack of true understanding.

Enter soft skills.

Kavin Wadhar, founder and chief executive of Kid Coach App (check them out!) is a deep thinker and problem solver who decided to approach this issue by focusing in on those skills that are often relegated due to pragmatism and over simplification.

To be fair, its difficult to measure inspiration. Or creativity.

But what if you could still develop it?

In this past episode of Human Kind, Kavin and I swap insights and share stories of what it really means to encourage learning in the 21st century.

Would love it if you’d join us! Leave a comment as well, if you have any thoughts of your own to share.

Thanks for stopping by.

Stay human.

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