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Eric is a gentle giant and a beautiful soul, but that doesn’t mean he’s ignorant to struggle.

Someone I met only a few weeks ago, Mr Eric “Protein” Moseley, is full fledged human being. Rife with layers and added complexity.

Not a perfect one, but in my estimation, that’s where true beauty resides.

Get to know Eric Protein Moseley

In the imperfections.

A protein is a bit rough around the edges. I’m speaking biologically.

This is an evolutionary miracle of sorts.

The same rough edges that inhibit some connections, foster others.

The right ones.

Protein is a building block, and this time I’m not speaking biologically.

Eric’s past include stints as a drug addict, a homeless man, and a single father raising his daughter on the streets of New York.

For him, being “rough around the edges” is a default state.

A defense mechanism to a cruel world bent on destroying all that is good.

But he doesn’t let that phase him.

Between filming spots for his Skid Row Journey Production house and building education initiatives through his Each One Teach One Infrastructure, Eric Moseley and his daughter Erica have ventured to shift the narratives around homelessness.

This is why I was so honored to speak with Mr Moseley this past week, and delve into topics around both his past – but more importantly – his future.

Eric and his daughter, Erica.

In this debut episode for a new podcast, I decided to speak with Protein on topics ranging from filmmaking to potential partnerships coming down the pipeline.

One really great insight he offered was the nature of the different classes of homeless folks. According to Protein, there are three distinct levels, and the way in which we decide to tackle this problem will need to account for all of them.

Stick until the end for an amazing answer to what I think will be a question I use often as this podcast matures.

“What is one change you would wish into existence if it could be done, right now?”

Take a listen, leave a comment, and subscribe if you enjoyed our talk!

Also check out his most recent book on the intersection of homelessness and Covid-19 if you would like an added perspective of someone who is on the ground.

Stay human.


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