Hotep Jesus

Aka, Bryan Sharpe – The Unbreakable Man.

Who are you when no one is looking?

Your answer to this question will provide the context for how we proceed.

Integrity is a concept foreign to my generation.

Being who you are, no matter who you’re with – is very rare.

Unfortunately, this rarity has in many ways translated to what we now refer to as a “prison of low expectations.” When our leaders needn’t do anything but signal status and play politics, it’s no surprise that we’ve ended up where we are today.



In a gentrified movement with controlled operatives, controlled perspectives, and controlled minds; I sense it’s about time that a new type of leader emerged.

One that values integrity, and empowers the people.  

When evaluating the various figureheads that have come into view during this past decade of political upheaval – all Americans, though Black one’s specifically – have been left wanting.

The puppets pushed forth by establishment players have in many ways left “people of colour” in a worse position now than they have been at any point over the past 50 years.

(But don’t tell them that.)

The fight currently being waged by the left isn’t one of power, but of weakness.

To institute large scale social revolution – you need the minds of the people.

Simple enough, one might assume.

Simply turn on the propaganda machine.

But in the 21st century, things are beginning to change.

No longer do authorities have a monopoly in perspectives.

In fact, the defining meme of our time has been one of fake news and counter narratives which in some instances, directly oppose one another.

How does one make sense of reality in this ever fracturing political climate?

My answer?

Revert to first principles.

Critical thought.

Historical awareness.

Personal responsibility.

Cultural pride.

These ideals (and more) have been directly under attack for the past half century, and I think it’s time we demand leaders who speak directly to the issues that actually plague our communities.

Enough with the “woke-ism”.

It’s time to build.

Wading in the muck of modern society will render most any participant a bit dirty.

And due to the aforementioned puppets – folks like Marc Lamont Hill or Shaun King – we have been intellectually (and fiscally) fleeced by individuals happy to pedal dishonest perspectives for questionable causes, so long as the overlords say it’s okay, and so long the check is right.

Therein lies the problem.

A lack of integrity, leading to wider issues of distrust, and disunity.

The path towards Black enlightenment and self determination has been once again infiltrated.

Only, by faces that look like ours.

Black leaders especially have long been the target of US Intelligence – and in this iteration of big government vs The People, the lovely folks in the CIA decided to co-opt some ‘good negroes’, placing them front and center of movements often diametrically opposed to The People and their well- being.

(See: Patrice Cullors)

Black people are, by in large taking plays from the very people they claim to despise.

And many of them see no problem in this.

Enter, Bryan Sharpe.

Twitter king, social engineer, 3x tech founder, and author.

Mr. Sharpe, also known as Hotep Jesus, might be the last hope for a diaspora teetering toward self-destruction and anti-humanism.

Our political climate today feels like a mashup of 1984 x Fahrenheit 451; and in this Brave New World, we are quickly losing an important skill.

The capacity to think.

In fact, the average IQ has been falling since 1975.

What does this mean?

Mass obedience, lack of institutional pushback, and a cultural crisis rooted in an absence of true masculinity.

Radical is the new middle, and with God sufficiently pushed aside, we have been cleared to enter into a new form of religion.

“Trust the science.”

A mantra for the initiates.

A way of life for those who insist on the necessity of the state.

Those on the outside looking in can see clearly that this is a cult.

Those on the inside are often far too engrained to reconsider.

And so, we’ve bred a culture of soft men and unpleasant women – most of whom cannot make executive decisions or conceive of anything outside the selected doctrines of their woke leaders.

Or as @cyprianous would say… we are in an epidemic of the #ChurchofWoke

At times I wonder if those on the lower rungs will ever admit they’ve been played.

Then I remember, that they can’t.

Once you have accepted the faux societal role superimposed upon your being, the only way out is social suicide.

And in a culture unhealthily obsessed with status – that ain’t gon’ happen.

So it’s up to the rest of us.

Those who still value thought, freedom, truth, and individual merit – to make it abundantly clear that there will be no encroachment on our ways of life.

The issue is, many of us simply don’t know how.

(Me included.)

Having been long babied by big government and stifled by collective ignorance, even the idea of paving one’s own path can feel like a hopeless endeavor.

So, what is the solution, per Mr Hotep?

Build. Create. Invest.  

Be useful to your community, or better yet, be indispensable.

Make something that means something.

“Shut up and code” another saying, and way of putting forth plainly the idea of

“Hotep and build”

(Or grift.)

Bryan Sharpe on Fox News after his infamous Starbucks prank

Instead of waiting on people who hate us to pass legislation that may or may not be enforced, all so we can claim empty political victories, we need to begin taking back our sovereignty – and doing so without asking for permission.

In fact, this is another reason why I’m a fan of the Hotep Nation.

They often carry about them this aura of achievement.

Less a case of “can I”, more a case of “will I”.

And they often will.

Technology, finance, history, media, nutrition – all wrapped in the mission of freeing minds from the grip of the current empire.

Between his businesses – spanning from AI to blockchain – to his teams blog, multiple published books, and the wide array of other offerings, including a weekly state of the culture by way of his YouTube page – Mr. Sharpe seems to be laying the foundation.

Setting a template, and forging a path for future Black tech founders and VCs.

Though of course, the left paints a very different picture.

Being permissionless, means doing what you please. Regardless.

This does not sit well with those on the side of performance politics.

And still.

One thing remains clear, we as a collective need to reclaim our time and space to reflect the reality of who we are.

Kings, and queens.

(White people, y’all included too.)

Because the oldest trick in the book – is divide and conquer.

So, what is Hotep?

It’s a way of living.

A way of thinking.

A way of being.

Literally translating, to “peace”.

So in essence, it is to remain peaceful. But to bear arms.

To discover deeper truths, and to take no shit.

To stand tall in the face of the lies, and to protect those who are susceptible to them.

Really – it is to become your highest, most divine, most refined self.

So – who the hell is “Hotep Jesus”?

Just a man on a mission to save the world.

If you don’t know, now you know.  

(Leaders, take note.)

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I like big ideas and I cannot lie.

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