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There’s an insidious strain of apathy making it’s way around the internet these days.

A growing sense that our lives are no longer our own, or that the decisions we make are ultimately up to someone else.

Truth is, most of us have been programmed to follow rules that no longer serve us. Our highest aspirations seem only to remain in good graces with the overlords who commissioned this reality.

To that I say, no thank you.

And Geoff Burch does as well.

In his own unique fashion, Geoff has proven to be a sort of antidote to the monotony that can be working under another person.

In his estimation, being self employed is the only way to go.

And frankly, I agree.

“Self employment is the safest form of employment, after all you’re never going to wake up one morning and decide to fire yourself”

Geoff Burch

As a best selling author of six books, and a highly sought after public speaker, Geoff’s perspectives on the labor market have been shaped in large part by his demeanor. A disregard for the bland seriousness of chief executives, and an embrace of a more humourous approach.

Perhaps in part molded by his hipster upbringing and days in art school, his (and many others of his ilk) came to a realization. A mantra, even.

In short – do your own thing.

Be your own boss, lead your own life.

Ultimately, just be yourself.

Check out the last episode of Human Kind and get to know Geoff a bit more today.

You can follow him on LinkedIn for a glimpse into his world, or check out his website at to see what else he’s got cooking.

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