“Turn away”

7. Metanoia / Μετάνοια / (meh-tah-NOY-uh) The English idea which mirrors that of metanoia isn’t a very popular one. That idea is one of repentance. To apologize is one thing, to repent is another entirely. Literally meaning “to turn away”, it requires an added level of accountability, implying a change of course.  Sort of like a revolution. Or maybe a reloveution.Continue reading ““Turn away””

“Love of Beauty”

6. Philocalist / (fil-OH-kal-ist) Made up words are fun, too. In fact, every word is technically “made up” …only some more recently than others. I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of Shakespeare’s literary endeavors. Inventing two thousand words remains a record that blows me away to this day. Another piece of evidence as to theContinue reading ““Love of Beauty””

“Beginners Mind”

5. Shoshin / 初心 / (SHO-shin) Shoshin is a term coming from the Zen tradition, and refers to a beginner’s mind. It’s another concept largely absent from western discourse, which prides itself on specific knowledge. America loves experts, and we’ve been conditioned over the past century of industrialization to value quick answers over thoughtful questions. This trend directlyContinue reading ““Beginners Mind””

“Eye Measure”

4. Nunchi / 눈치 / (NONE-chee) Nunchi is a Korean word. It directly translates as “eye measure”. Popularized in western circles by the book The Power of Nunchi, it comprises a dynamic of emotional understanding which American’s seem yet to master. Korea throughout its history, has often been in a vulnerable position geopolitically. On the world stage, it’s stuck betweenContinue reading ““Eye Measure””

“Liberty Starts Within”

3. Eleutheria / ἐλευθερία / (el-OO-theh-REE-yah) Freedom starts within. And in this instance, manifests as liberty personified. An ideal among the Greek pantheon of gods and goddesses Eleutheria is a word that seems to float above the veil of our physical realm in some ways, it feels almost esoteric in nature. Though this couldn’t beContinue reading ““Liberty Starts Within””

“The Perfect Time”

2. Kairos / καιρός / (KAI-rose) Another Greek term, and a personal favorite. Kairos can be best understood as meaning “the opportune time”. As a concept of rhetoric, it’s wildly underrated. We all seemed to learn about logos, ethos, and pathos, the big three; but rhetoricians from ancient Greece knew that there were other tenants comprising theContinue reading ““The Perfect Time””

“Human Flourishing”

1. Eudaimonia / εὐδαιμονία (yoo-day-MOAN-ia) *pronunciations are my own εὐδαιμονία, transliterated as “eudaimonia“, is a concept which derives from our Greek ancestors. It means, a condition of human flourishing. To flourish literally means “to flower” …to open up, to become, to thrive. Side note: most linguists estimate 80% of our current words stem from Greco-Latin culture, this is important.Continue reading ““Human Flourishing””

The Rebirth Of Old Ideas

etymology [ˌedəˈmäləjē] the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history. Hey. Thanks for coming through. There’s this quote I really enjoy, wanted to share it with you. It goes… “Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch yourContinue reading “The Rebirth Of Old Ideas”

Become Yourself

“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; I am large — I contain multitudes.” ― Walt Whitman Previously published on my personal Medium page. You’re an original. A multiplicity of potential. Entangled in time and space with a singular, albeit quiet voice. Guiding, beckoning, leading you upwards and onwards toward The UltimateContinue reading “Become Yourself”

Your Mental Illness is a Superpower

Originally published on my Medium page Pick Your Poison Between anxiety, depression, bipolar, PTSD, ADHD, and all the other “D’s”… The DSM has done a great job of classifying all sorts of deviant and abnormal behavior — but, what does it mean for how we exist in our day to day? 1 in 8 kidsContinue reading “Your Mental Illness is a Superpower”