Will Lee

Reality can be a doozy.

Often times, it can even render us immobilized.

Whether out of fear, anxiety, or from literal physical limitations.

Life doesn’t pull punches.

Often leaving many feeling like the proverbial “deer in headlights.”

Or worse, like Nate Robinson after a ill advised bout.

But then, there’s Will.

Torn ACL and a lengthy recovery couldn’t impede the vision.

He instead decides to use the pain life has doled out, and refashion it as paint to create something meaningful.

From designing clothes and making digital art, to spreading love, and encouraging the faith latent in us all to become part of our daily experience.

The paths we take in life are often a direct reflection of our ideas of reality.

If we believe the world is bad, it is.

If we believe the world is good, it is.

Will Lee is one of the rare breeds who, despite life throwing everything it could at him, decided to reform his mental, and approach reality with a sense of gratitude and understanding.

Recognizing that his place in the world was stamped by The Creator of all things, and understanding that his divine role within this cosmic dance we call life cannot be revoked by mere man.

It takes a certain level of Faith & Desire.


What’s more?

He refuses to quit.

And in that, inspires others to join him in this journey toward Truth and Love.

Whether it’s a word of encouragement, passing wisdom, or new perspectives – I personally have grown to respect the hustle and determination with which he approaches life.

An inspiration to people everywhere seeking to overcome, and to become.

Not necessarily because it’s amazing that he’s been able to prevail (though it is).

But more than that, because he shows us that we can do it too.

So –

Get to know Will Lee a bit, today.

And in so doing, maybe you’ll also get to know yourself.

Quote: “I think, therefore I am” -Descartes

Movie: Hidden colors

Album: “4:44” by Jay Z

Fun Fact: Runs a fashion business

Website (YouTube Channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCM53vnWynPIZ7e-vBvs6pkg

Published by Toso

I like big ideas and I cannot lie.

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