Isaac Hibdon

What does it mean to be an artist today?

Or, maybe a better question…

How does one stay true to the process of creating authentically?

Especially in an age where commercial interests reign supreme?

Enter Isaac Hibdon.

An art graduate from small school near Chicago who specializes in photorealistic pencil drawings and graphic design.

Also, a good friend of mine who happens to specialize in truth-telling.

Whether verbally, or through his art – there is a running strand of creative insight and talent – but more than that, the thread that binds his collective work can be understood quite simply.

Create from what is true.

A quote I’ve been really vibing with lately..

Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.

Pablo Picasso

In the same way politicians use language to fool the masses, artists use seeming contradictions to clearly illustrate what we already know to be true.

Likewise, I consider all who maintain truth and love as their guiding ethos as a sort of artist.. designer.. producer.. maker.. god?

If nothing else, a creator.

Reforming opportunity from danger, and generating order out of the madness.

Artists, like Isaac, take the seemingly disparate and painful pieces of existence to create something not only meaningful, but beautiful.

A testament to what could happen once we divorce art from capitalism.

Or creativity from consumption.

Or lies, from Truth.

Isaac is a small town, Christian rooted, mid western kid just trying to find faith amongst the falsehood.

He recently transplanted to the cultural mecca of Seattle to further pursue both graphic design and art therapy, all while charting his own path to sovereignty.

To freedom..

I think, that should be the goal of every true artist.

Quote“My deepest fear is being mediocre”

Favorite Album: With Roots Above and Branches Below – The Devil Wears Prada

Favorite MovieInterstellar

Interesting Fact: Lowkey piano prodigy


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