Ayo Volas

Ayo Volas.

An enigma, but only for those who refrain from understanding.

There’s an intensity about his spirit, a “wont-say-die” attitude that permeates his being and spreads like wildfire to those close enough to catch his drift.

I know him as Ayomide.

But, you can’t call him that.

Not yet.

It’s nothing personal, just… names are important.

For black folks.

But especially for Africans.

As a fellow Nigerian, to this I can concur.

Identity is a complex collision of personal ideals.

An intertwining web of past and future associations.

To walk the narrow path of Truth requires a deep connection to Reality.

For Ayo, depth of spirit is a non-negotiable.

To stay true to oneself is to rage against the normalcy of modern culture, and to emerge victorious.

It is to shed the labels hoisted upon one’s youth, and to participate with the Divine in a lifelong recreation of self.

Most people wouldn’t care to undergo such a transformation.

Ayo is not like most people.

Though be sure, he isn’t perfect either.

A weathered soul wrapped in flesh.

A multifaceted individual.

(Some may even say, multidimensional.)

His energy is contagious.

His perspective, undeniable.

He’s an artist.

A wordsmith.

A citizen and a revolutionary.

A student and a teacher.

A beginner and a guru.

Quote: “Life is magical”

Favorite Album: The Cool – Lupe Fiasco

Favorite Movie: Limitless & Dr. Strange

Interesting Fact: Mans can dance!

Website: Ayo Volas’ Online Storefront

Published by Toso

I like big ideas and I cannot lie.

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