“A Vote For Kanye West Is…”


What in the world is going on with Kanye?

And does he actually think he can win? 

Or is this another marketing ploy before the album drops?

I am what the kids call, a stan.

Have been since College Dropout.

Eleven year old nerdy black immigrant from London.

With parents who hail from Lagos.

Raised in a suburb of Chicago.

And Kanye West was able to speak directly to these seemingly disparate identities in a way that no other creative ever has.

He made me feel… powerful.

I even had a pink polo.

So, I’m kinda biased.

I also realize that our current understanding of mental health is heavily flawed, and sense that Ye has been mislabeled by media houses trying to impede his progress.

Meaning, his predicament feels to be a direct reflection of my own.

Full disclosure: I have schizophrenia. 

At least, that’s what the doctors say.

And maybe they’re right.

Codigo De Barras Involución – Human Evolution Into Barcode

But, what if they aren’t?

Sure – I’m different, but is different automatically bad?

The DSM, or psychologists bible for mental illness, has been revised five times in a century.

This fact alone should raise alarm.

How can something so critical, be subject to such change?

What if, diagnoses have become less about mental capacity, and more about maintaining societal order and control?

Simply another structural defense mechanism against the failings of the state, not unlike the prison-industrial complex, which Ye has and will continue to speak out against.

This is a problem for those in charge.

And what better way to get someone to fall in line, than to siphon off their perspectives from the rest of the world? To put them on intellectual timeout.

Call it mental quarantine.

So call Mr. West a madman, if you’d like.

But know that his insights won’t be invalidated because of your inability to perceive them.

When people say “he’s crazy..”

What they really mean is “I don’t get it.”

Which is fine. 

But if you are at all interested in ‘getting it’, here’s some perspective.

Before we get into Ye… let’s get a sense of the landscape. 

Three things I see in culture today.

  1. The world is out of balance. We currently exist at the crossroads. A paradigm shift is underway, though many cannot rectify our new world with their old one. Effectively, this manifests a collective identity crisis.  
  2. Politics as currently conceived are an inadequate response to reality. “Who gets what and how” is a shorthand way of recognizing the assumptions politics propose. One these false assumptions is that influence is more important than competence.
  3. We need to level up, and fast. Think.. Abraham Maslow. Human development has to be decoupled from a strictly biological framework so that we can begin exploring what it means to truly advance – morally, emotionally, and holistically.

So, world is mad, politics is trash, and people are ill equipped to deal with the pressures of today.


Technologically, we have arrived.

Only spiritually, there’s still a lot of work to do.

I think that Kanye can help us fix these broken systems, and get back to the simple truth of the matter…

We are human.

Thus, we love.

So what’s his real mission?

What does this 2020 vision entail?

Let’s see.

“WE must have vision…

…Not only a beacon to the world, but servants to each other. We have to act on faith…”

The mission seems clear to me.

And, it may represent the last shred of sanity left in this crazy world.

Because let’s be honest.

We’re not doing so hot.

Not only politically, but physically, psychologically.. even geologically.

Equilibrium. Homeostasis. Balance. 

It’s… gone.

2020 has revealed to us a world on drugs.

Fires, floods, earthquakes. 

Suicide and genocide.

Political strife, economic instability.

And these are just the visible indicators. 

Best believe beneath the surface are equally scary monsters we’ve yet to deal with.

Civil unrest is increasing..

The world seems poised for a shift..

Revolution is in the air..

Yet still.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

“Human progress is never automatic…”

Kanye West represents a divergence from the harsh norms we’ve grown to accept, and allows people the opportunity to break free of the political duopoly

News flash: There is no “going back to normal”. 

Our schools have lied to us.

Our foods have poisoned us.

Our banks have robbed us.

Our corporations have used us.

And yet, here we are… still, fighting with one another.

We‘ the people, fighting ‘they‘ the people.

All while the true enemies to human progress laugh from their towers of indifference.


This is why vision is so necessary.

Specifically, of the 20/20 variety.

Because yes, our institutions have failed us. 

But… we’ve also failed us.

By allowing politics to get in the way of our true roles as stewards of this planet, we’ve fumbled the bag on progress in the name of money.

Everything is predetermined, from what we enjoy to who we can spend time with. Even our ability to speak truth is constrained in part by who we work for or what we represent. 

This has to end.

Slavery is a choice. (sorry.)

Only now, it’s mental, and most of us choose it everyday. 

To accept the idea that you have to choose between the “lesser of two evils” instantly eliminates the possibility to recognize that “good” is also a choice.

The two party system is pulling humanity apart at the seams of common sense.

But there is a better way…

Vote third.

Don’t take part in the circus. Reject its false binary code.

Still, vote.


Focus more on local elections, prioritize policy, volunteer, donate… 

And then choose the president that best represents YOUR interests.  

For me, a melanated man from Chicago who struggles publicly, believes deeply, fights valiently, advocates for more power to creatives, and envisions a better future for us all –

The choice is clear.

Sure, he’s not ‘normal’, but…

In my eyes, a vote for Kanye West, is a vote for Truth.

Not your truth, not my truth… The Truth

I really do believe that he’s the only one telling it right now.

All we need to do is listen closer.

To continue compromising the gift of the present for a future that may or may not ever come to pass is not the best way forward. 

We only play into the hands of mechanical institutions and deplete our collective power. 

Are we really comfortable with taking another step back in the collective time machine?

All due respect, but Joe Biden might be senile.

A 77 year old politician who has been in government since 1973. 

Are we supposed to believe that in this grand rebranding of America, he will suddenly rid himself of past policy failures to become a true instrument of change?

I’m not buying.

But, if you’ve managed to convince yourself that he’s the “..only choice..”


Let’s agree to disagree.

Donald Trump is no better a moral or political leader, but at least he’s consistent.

Unafraid to publicly disrespect whomever he chooses to the degree of millions of Twitter followers, and has no problems with lying when convenient. We’ve known this for decades.

But, are we supposed to believe that he’s the one to unite our nation?

Are these old white men really the best we’ve got?

..Or, is your government playing you..

In 2016, Reality played it’s Trump card.

A television personality making it to the Whitehouse?

July 17, 2019, President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a campaign rally at Williams Arena in Greenville, N.C. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Seems insane. 

But really, it was an indicator. 

The standards of leadership have been recalibrated.  

Today, words mean little.

Unless you’re a professional troll.

So, Trump figured us out, and gamed the system.

Fine, seems par for the course these days. 

Our problem is that he’s not a leader who serves or inspires.

He is a leader that coerces, and intimidates.

“Four more years of that type of rhetoric, and I’m not sure the spirit of America would be able to fully recover.”

Okay… look.

He fanned the flames of racist sentiment and had a hand in some horrific crimes against illegal immigrants.

But to his credit, he cracked the code, he drained the swamp, he struck peace deals in the middle east, reinvested in farmers, executed prison reform, and didn’t go to war. 

Regardless.. In my humble opinion, we now need a new type of leader

One that leads with love, listens to the kids, and isn’t swayed by political affiliations.

One that speaks their mind, and isn’t beholden to special interests.

One that has experienced the full scope of public life, and lived to tell the tale. 

One that has a knack for finding genius collaborators and pulling the best out of them. 

One that fears God, “and nothing else..

With every other candidate, a concession must be made against your better judgement. 

“Yes he has a problematic record, BUT…”

“Yes he is disrespectful to women, BUT…” 

“Yes, he isn’t mentally all there, BUT…”

The only “but” I see with Kanye West, is that people don’t want to understand him.

Of course, it’s because they assume they already do.

But, the quality of image you receive is always reduced to your respective level of perceptive ability. If your screen runs 1080p, doesn’t matter if the signal is coming in 8k.

So if you think Kanye is ‘crazy’… I’ve got some news for you.

To simply decide not to vote for an individual is one thing.

But to dismiss, label, judge, and vilify… 

It’s almost like people don’t account for the fact that we are currently living in the most politically and socially fragmented time in all of human history. 

Or the fact that the world is changing at light speed, and that America needs someone who knows a thing or two about the future. 

Or the fact that the very tools which are primed to keep us enslaved, can also be used to begin a revolution, if we unite.

15 years ago it’d take 10 minutes to download a photo off the internet. 

Now, we have devices that do what entire servers couldn’t a few decades ago.

We get annoyed when it takes more than a half second for our video to buffer.

But what if social media could be redeployed as a weapon against the system?

We shoot video in 4k, connect in 5G and do it all from a supercomputers that fits in our pockets. Point is, the world is changing.

Shouldn’t our systems?

One of the founding fathers, put it this way;

Institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear the coat which fitted him when a boy… as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors

Thomas Jefferson

Seems to me that the rest of our culture has managed to grow up, yet the archaic institutions of top down government authority remain.

Does the system need to fracture completely and anarchy ensue before we realize?

We need to get with the times.

But, we need to do it the right way. 

No flirting with Marxism.

No secret social experiments.

Matter fact, no politics at all. 

Back to basics.


That’s it.

Change is inevitable, but it also requires our collaboration.

To be passive, or worse ignorant, doesn’t absolve you from the consequences of change.

It only means that the changes may not be pleasant.

Trust, I’d know.

So honestly, I understand the democrats.

The Left is simply trying to move society forward.

I only think we should adjust our mirror, check the map, and only then pull out of the gas station – before we find ourselves headed in the wrong direction.

Ultimately, if corporations sponsor your ‘movement’ then it’s not a good one.

(Black Lives Matter… looking at you)

No shade.

Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin –

Republicans can be indifferent to the struggles of Black Americans, and are often too comfortable to enjoy the fruits of their respective privilege, without working to fix the societal imbalances.

Democrats manage to talk a better game, yet, they commit many of the same infractions against the very people they claim to serve. From redlining and drug wars to nimby-ism.

The legacy of the left is not a pretty one..

1924, DNC Convention

Malcom X described the American Liberal as a ‘fox’, equally as culpable for the current predicament, only less apparently so, due to their well-crafted and curated PR image.

They learned how to act.


Because American politics is not about Truth anymore. 

Maybe, it never really was.

American politics, is about popularity.

Populism. That is why Trump won.

And why he continues to rally up support wherever he goes.

He’s tapping into something archaic. 

Primal even.

As much as the left may hate to admit, he is indeed popular.

But what they seem to misunderstand is that his base only gets stronger with each attack.

Trump loves to play in the mud.

Key word here is ‘play’.

Which is why AOC was steaming on Twitch the same night kids in Africa were getting massacred and nobody said a word. Or why Trump’s base has only been emboldened by the impeachment trial and fake news media, all the while ignoring his missing tax returns.


Forget about all that. 

This is all a game now.

Only we’re the ones being played.

The meritocracy has been hi-jacked.

May the most popular man (or woman) win.

But what if.

We could still choose the best?

Rejected the pre-planned options, and decided instead to write in names of people we truly thought were equipped to lead?

The machine would have no choice, but to stop.

It’s preselected options would no longer be seen as valid by those was meant to serve. 

The craziness would come to an end.

Use your power wisely.

But, it’s up to us.

They don’t just give out freedom, we have to take it.

“Each generation is responsible to continue on in the relay race of humanity…”

And now, it’s our time.

Nobody knows what goes on behind the scenes, but as long as leaders talk nicely – folks never really seem to mind. 

That’s no longer the case. 

(See: #NewNigeria, #EndSars, #AfricaRising)

Though to be honest, for all the hate that Trump gets… 

At least he woke us up.

Decades, if not centuries of rot. All seeming to come to the surface in the past 3 years.

The first “politician” who didn’t follow protocol. 

And now we’re all paying much closer attention. 

The dark underbelly of this nation is on full display, and some are too ashamed at the reality to even look.

We have been stewing in a pot of our own negligence for much of recent history.

And it shows.

Because Trump is a symptom of the problem, not the cause of it.

But now, time somebody new speak out against the madness of our current order, preferably without simultaneously gaming it to their political advantage. 

Fun fact:

Kanye West, as of October 29th 2020, had only raised $2,782 for his presidential bid.

He decided that instead, he’ll be bankrolling the campaign on his own. 

That’s called a power move.

A move that doesn’t even make sense today when considering norms of political fundraising.

Bernie Sanders for example, raised **$211.13 Million** for his failed bid as a democratic nominee… and guess who provided all those funds…

His average donation was around $10. 

Sounds great, until you realize that lower-middle class youths we’re being explicitly targeted. And all for what? To receive a steaming pile of Joe Biden endorsements.

Sounds like a robbery to me. Or a scam.

Or democratic socialism, whichever you prefer

Because, what else would you call it when someone pays for something they never receive…?

Okay, so the world is crazy. Politics are broken. Systems are failing all around us. 

Got it. 

But how exactly does Kanye fit in this picture?

Consider this; perhaps, Kanye West is positioning himself as a wedge in the current power structure for longer than the next 4 or 8 years… 

Perhaps, he’s creating a means for outsized political influence and consideration on the grand stage for decades to come

Perhaps, he’s creating a new path forward for American elections entirely…

Remember the vision. 

It was all about WE. 


Though, it seems that WE have collectively forgotten the number one rule in negotiating.

Unless you have another option… you are stuck with whatever is offered. 

You have no leverage. 

Aka, you have no power. 

What Kanye represents is another choice. An avenue to influence.

A viable third party represents easily becomes a thorn in the side of the collusive forces at play. They keep both sides honest, and radically change the calculus of this game theory.

Here’s the thing..

Politicians don’t really control much. 

It’s the corporations and private interests. 

These interests lobby directly with the power structures in place, in order to push various bills through to law.

Effectively, all the power lies with the parties… aka the negotiating partners. 

I won’t go too deep here, but if you want to understand – here’s a good podcast episode about the current political climate and some other implications of the two party system. 

Basically, if you don’t have the party machine working for you, sorry try again next election.

The inevitable byproduct of such a system, is bullshit.

Candidates don’t reflect the true values of the population they’re put in place to serve, but rather respond more readily to the needs of those who afforded them their platform.

But then, what about the people?

I can’t imagine that more than 50% of the people truly believes in Joe Biden.

Nor do 50% of the people really support Donald Trump.

There is simply no better alternative. 

Voters in the middle opt for whoever they perceive as the lesser of those two aforementioned evils, and immediately get pushed to the extremes of their selected ideology. 

Granted, it seems more apparent on the right.

But that is only because our entire media culture is saturated by left leaning narratives. 

The mobs at either end of the political spectrum become normalized. Ideologues on both ends get louder.

Those preaching common sense are overpowered. The middle is picked apart.

Until there is nobody left.

To not choose a side, is to commit suicide.

(Politically, of course.)

A viable third party option could literally change everything.

If Kanye succeeded in forming another avenue to power, the leverage that would be gained by the people becomes enormous.

What I see as a strength of Kanye’s approach is what others often see as a weakness.

“He’s not a political leader” 



Einstein said it best, 

“You cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking used to create it..”

The same is true here.

We cannot solve the political problems we face with more of the same politics.

Panels and polls and litmus tests and trial balloons… yuck.

It’s time for a different type of leader.

But one rooted in love. 

No word games, no smokescreens. No euphemisms. No lies.

Just Truth.

For Trump supporters, here’s why you should vote for Kanye. 

Mr West recognizes and upholds the merits of religion, advocates for domestic industry, and is a proud American who values our military strength. 

Whether you desire an anti-politician who keeps it real, or a foreign advocate who forestalls the burdens imposed by globalism…

Kanye West is your guy. 

For Biden voters, I know black men may not be your cup of tea – but hear me out.

Most of you simply want to replace the individual currently in office with someone running on a platform based in a more equitable and just America for all, which is completely fine.

Kanye West is your guy, too.

A family man and a father, who has worked on solutions to problems surrounding affordable housing, alternative energy, education, and more.. all without weird pedophilic vibes or early onset dementia.

Right now, I need you to do something for me.

Forgo the ideas you have about crazy Ye. 

Or stories you’ve heard about how he has “no chance”.

Because that’s how this all works.. 

*They* pump enough fear and doubt into a system, and poof. 

All gone.

Vive la révolution?

More like, mort à la révolution.

In fact, they tried it with Kanye before.

They medicated him, and then publicly humiliated him, thinking that would be enough to keep him down.

Maybe, they even thought he’d forgotten about his 2015 announcement to run for office.

I don’t know. 

But what I do know, is that Ye is not folding. 

So, what is this #2020vision?

Is it real?

Is it possible? 


I won’t lie. It’s a long shot, but there is a process for when neither candidate reaches 270 electoral votes, called a contingent election.

It hasn’t been used since the 1800’s..

But, I mean – it is 2020 – anything can happen.

Aside from his slim chances this year, what else could one possible gain by voting for him?


Even if he doesn’t manage to secure a sizable voting bloc this election cycle, even if no electoral college votes are won, even if he fails to win a single district in a single state… 

The momentum of this moment will spill over into its own type of revolution, and the lessons learned will provide a template for the next generation of political dissenters. 

(Plus, there’s always 2024.)

Free thinking individuals who cannot be swayed by mainstream media outlets or large corporations are too dangerous to the status quo.

*They* won’t let that happen…

Fortunately, we have the power now.

The question is, will we use that power to help secure the future, or will we remain shackled to the past and further reinforce the legitimacy of a broken system.  

America is on the stand, and the world is watching..

So please.

Select the candidate you feel is best able to lead us into this 3rd decade of the millennium, based on what you know to be true about their past, present, and potential.

Doesn’t have to be Ye.

Vote Jo Jorgensen if you must.

Or Brock Pierce, if you’d like.

Or maybe even Howie Hawkins.

Even if you’re not a political pundit, understand the potential value of this opportunity we have before us. What a third party truly represents. It is, disproportionate power.

During periods of political tension or misalignment, the position of a third party becomes increasingly salient. The reason they want us to vote binary, is because a new axis of power would undermine their own influence, and change their future plans.

Small as it may be, this party may now command a pivotal swing vote. 

This means, your vote counts more

If there were 5 judges, with the first four resulting in a 2 – 2 tie, then that fifth judge holds sway over the entire voting apparatus.

It becomes the swing vote

The tie breaker.

This would be a huge win for common sense reform and collaboration.

Both extremes now recognizing the middle, and creating a new lane for good ideas to be pushed back into the system.

In the midst of big government, the little guys are still taken care of. 

This small but mighty coalition of voters would effectively break up whatever malpractice currently takes place, and encourage a renewed spirit of efficacy. 

It’s time we get a fresher perspective in the room.

With both sides beginning appealing to common sense reform, the people will have won in a big way.

No more madness of the crowds, or mob mentality. 

No more political theatre and secret coalitions.

Just, more choice for regular American citizens.

Of course, this will require a change in perspective.

No longer passive partakers of life, but rather engaged civilians. 

Excited to be part of the human collective, and responsive to the role we play in it’s eventual success or demise.

Maybe (..just maybe..) people outside this system seem crazy to folks, because these folks look at them from their vantage as a cog in the very machine they’re trying to dismantle.

Maybe, Kanye West is the only one who’s sane.

The revolution will not be politicized. 

Nor will it be commodified.

It will not come by way of roundtables.

The revolution will be kicked off by passionate individuals who don’t understand the meaning of the word “no”. 

So sure, call Kanye crazy if you must.


“Name one genius that ain’t..

– Kanye West, Feedback

Politics are wholly inadequate as a response to our changing world. 

This is especially true for creators, like Kanye West.

Art is a rejection of explicit rules in favor of self expression. 

To be an artist is to be a rule breaker. 

And politics are just a set of rules. 

A game people play, to get what they want.

In this game, The White House is like a set for a reality television show. 

Illustration by André Carrilho

(And has been for some time.)

Though Clinton, Bush and Obama gave it the veneer of professionalism, Trump has since called the bluff. 

And now, the cat is out of the bag.

You don’t need to be “presidential”. 

You just need enough people to agree with you.

Some lament that fact.

Personally, I don’t mind.

We’ve become so infatuated by our cesspool of a culture, that we don’t realize we also play a role in perpetuating its existence.

Besides, to us.. politics can feel real.

But the fact is, political power is extremely flimsy. 

Ask Andrew Gillum.

You can work your entire life to make it, and within a few moments of TMZ releasing the leaked files from your home computer, everything you worked for is gone for good. 

Political power is so flimsy in fact, that I struggle even calling it power. 

Really, it’s just popularity. Status.

It is acquired through appeal. And maintained through manipulation.

It determines who gets what, and how they get it. 

So, you can be the most qualified person on earth to identify a new species, but if somebody else has a better relationship with the head of research – you’re SOL. 

This is not the most effective way to allocate resources or discover talent, but it turns out to be the best we’ve found so far…

That is, until now. 


And not the phony stuff you get from the actors.. but the real thing. 

In this world we live in, so inundated by experiences of fake love, we often miss truth.. we forgo what’s real for what is convenient, or what is beautiful for what is glamourous.

Last point, then I’m out of your hair.

We need to level up.

Like, evolve. Collectively. As a species. 

Evolution shouldn’t have stopped with our ancestors, but the way we act sometimes.. It seems that way. 

Sure, we’ve advanced in areas in technology and industry, but we’ve fallen so far behind in dealings with and matters of the soul.

Life and death. Reality.

Eternal Truth.


Our computers are fast, but our morality is missing.

In my opinion…

Kanye West seeks to transform the way people engage with life by creating places, spaces, and opportunities that encourage growth, understanding, collaboration, and love

His goal is to redesign our human experience to be more human, and to usher in a state of shared growth where deep relationships and true speech lead us back to our own humanity. Back to a deeper connection with what is truly important.

I get that for some of you, that sounds like a bunch of nothing.

You want a detailed plan of action.

I feel you.

Personally, I like to identify qualities in leaders. 

Because plans can change, and often do. 

But, what kind of person are you?

Do you lead yourself? Your family? Your community?

And can you lead well when it hits the fan?

Regardless, there’s no real thinking involved in supporting (or rejecting) someone without at least acknowledging what it is they stand for. 

Because, be sure. We always have a choice.. 

I just think it’s time we choose something different.

A future we can believe in.

So we’ve covered big picture.

Love is all.

But again, your issue is policy. I get it.

Not the most comprehensive platform I’ve ever seen, to be fair.

Though our over-reliance on detail can often get in the way of real understanding. The fact is, Ye isn’t a political scientist, his ideas are rooted in a something deeper..

A philosophy that advocates for human beings, and not modern bureaucracy.

It’s a simpler approach to be sure, but one that I believe could become a template for future leaders; because plans fail, all the time.

This is why we follow people, and not robots.

Still the goals we set are important, so what are the specifics of Ye’s vision?

Here is the platform for Kanye West, point-by-point as per his website, kanye2020.country

1. Restore faith and revive our Constitutional commitment to freedom of religion and the free exercise of one’s faith, demonstrated by restoring prayer in the classroom including spiritual foundations.

We will not hide the truth from our children, but will declare to the next generation His praises and wonder. 

Psalm 78:4

2. Restore the sound national economy. Reduce household debt and student loan debt.

God has plans to give us hope and a future. 

Jeremiah 29:11

3. Provide leadership to restructure our country’s education system to serve the most at-risk and vulnerable populations allowing the widest possible range of educational and vocational paths to job opportunities and career success.

Direct your children on the right path

Proverbs 22:6

4. Maintain a strong national defense, fully prepared, but not so quick to tie up our country’s young men and women in foreign quagmires that do not advance our national interest, and which last for decades.

Through god we shall do valiantly. 

Psalm 60:12

5. Reform the legal system to provide true justice, equitable for all citizens, regardless of race or ability to defend oneself in court. recognize the disparity in verdicts and prison sentences, caused by the lack of financial resources or legal assistance.

There will not be differing weights and differing measures. 

Proverbs 20:10

6. Reform the approach to policing in a manner that treats all americans the same, regardless of race, color, or ethnicity. refocus police forces on real crime. eliminate federal sentencing guidelines that tie the hands of judges, resulting in ridiculous sentences for the most minor offenses.

We will speak for those who cannot speak for themselves

Proverbs 31:8

7. Take care of the environment, diligently pursuing clean air and water as a national security priority and making renewables top priority.

The past is forgotten and everything can be new. 

II Corinthians 5:17

8. Ensure that we always place americans’ best interest first and foremost in dealing with foreign affairs. We must project strength, not aggression. We want trust, but we must also verify. We want fair trade, not one-sided deals that hurt american workers.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of god. 

Matthew 5:9

9. Support faith-based groups to provide vital local services, giving communities a shared purpose in government.

We will provide ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works. 

Hebrews 10:24

10. Creativity and the arts can be an important source of innovation and development of other national strengths and resources.

He has given them skill in all kinds of work done. 

Exodus 35:35

All I’ve got to add is… wow.

The plan is a grand one.

From restoring the economy, to protecting domestic workers – his plans for America is broad and far reaching, tackling every major point of our collective human experience.

Some points call for us to rethink what we think we know.

This is good.

No better time to change than the present.

It’s also funny to me, that just a decade after reflecting the state of his life as a “Dark Twisted Fantasy”, he has successfully made the complete 180.

Got married, had children, found God, and now… wants to help others find Him too.

Sounds like a vision I can get behind.

And that (for me) is rare these days.

Someone I can truly believe in, plus a willing servant, in full submission to God?

Not sure why so many people have such a problem with that.

This man is forreal, and he’s not stopping.

“This a mission, not a show”

So please.. don’t count out Ye quite yet.

He’s a man with a plan. 

But more importantly, he’s a man with a vision. 

Kind of like… some of his other successful friends…. who’ve had to go against the grain… to transform an industry… even though nobody believed…

It’s almost as if…

Actually, nevermind. 

I’ll just sit back, and get ready to enjoy the show.

No more polls, no more projections, no more predictions.

Just results.

Because regardless of who wins on November 3rd, Kanye West is still my president. 

Might not be yours, and that’s okay, he’s… “a different type of leader”

Some of us may need glasses to recognize the vision.

Others see it clearly.

A vote for Kanye West is a vote for self.

A vote for Kanye West is a vote for Love.

A vote for Kanye West.. is a vote for Kanye West.

Simple as that.

Published by Toso

I like big ideas and I cannot lie.

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