“To Walk Alone”

18. Solivagant / (SOUL-i-vuh-gaunt)

A lone wanderer

Meanders peacefully by.

Peace of mind ensues.

Can you tell I’ve been a bit angsty today?

Fortunately, I’m not really alone.

Solivagant comes from the Latin noun solivagus, meaning to wander in solitude.

The reason I chose this word, was because I sense we don’t get enough time.

Time to ponder, or time to wonder.

Time to sit with ourselves, and to think through our assumptions.

To meditate.

To pray.

Following God usually requires community, yes… but.

There is no substitute for the prayer closet.

(Matthew 6:6)

Our relationship with The Creator (like any other relationship) requires intentional time spent. Often, in solitude, where we can be focused on the goal of true intimacy.

To know, and to be known.

Walking alone doesn’t seem very fun these days. Nobody sets out to be the loner.

But I feel it’s time to change that connotation.

What if… being alone is the very antidote need in a time like this?

A time here wild headlines and crazy news feeds threaten our very relationship with sanity.

Maybe, it’s time we take back our attention, our energy, our dreams…

And put them back in their rightful places.

A recalibration of sorts.

No more listening to the world.

Time to tune in to your spirit.

Everything will be okay.

Published by Toso

I like big ideas and I cannot lie.

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