“Danger is Sweet”

17. Dulce Periculum / (DOOL-say pur-IK-yoo-lum)

Another Latin phrase.

Dulce periculum means sweet danger.

A sort of oxymoron.. until you realize that the Chinese word for crisis is composed of two characters that also hold a similar insight.

Danger and opportunity are often to sides of the same coin.

So in the case of dulce periculum, we have a potent idea which has roots in two very different cultures, both of which arriving at the same conclusion.

So, what are we missing today?

It seems that we act as if danger is a vice to be avoided at all costs.

But, look closer.. and you might begin to also see just how danger really is sweet.

As defined by Merriam, danger is ‘exposure or liability to injury, pain, harm, or loss’.

What Merriam doesn’t say, is that the opposite is also true.

To expose implies revelation.

In times of uncertainty, make it a point to pause.

Take a breather, and recognize which liabilities are actually just opportunities in disguise.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”

Winston Churchill.

So, what seemed oxymoronic, was actually a glimpse into the nature of reality.

Danger, like beauty, remains in the eye of the beholder.

Whereas some relish the thrill of not knowing, others could may see the same situation as a threat to their survival.

A challenge, for us both: Quit seeing situations as either good or bad, simply understand them as they are, and proceed accordingly.

Transform feelings of vulnerability into moments of potential.

Do not fear.

Danger is sweet.

Published by Toso

I like big ideas and I cannot lie.

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