“Love of Beauty”

6. Philocalist / (fil-OH-kal-ist)

Made up words are fun, too.

In fact, every word is technically “made up” …only some more recently than others.

I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of Shakespeare’s literary endeavors. Inventing two thousand words remains a record that blows me away to this day.

Another piece of evidence as to the malleability of letters and sounds which allow us to create and communicate meaning. It’s a miracle of sorts.

And so, today’s word is a more recent manifestation of this symbolic miracle.

William Shakespeare. Portrait of William Shakespeare 1564-1616. Chromolithography after Hombres y Mujeres celebres 1877, Barcelona Spain

Philocalist is not a word you’ll likely find in Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, and yet, across the internet it’s use over the past few years has begun to see an uptick. Perhaps, an indicator of a hole in our current understanding?

Or a blind spot in our linguistic expression?

Kind of like those Eskimos we talked about on day one, words help us recognize reality, and without the proper infrastructure of ideas, we can fall victim to bouts of misunderstanding.

So today, I chose this word – which technically is Greek in origin – but reflects a more recent shift in human sentiment. I shift towards reverence.

Admiration, appreciation, recognition… of beauty.

Philo – to love

Kalos – beauty

Lovers of beauty are rare today, because we’ve been conditioned to recognize glamour.

(i.e. – external performances.)

Beauty on the other hand, is much deeper. It requires a more dedicated process, and a lens by which we observe qualities that are below the surface.

To love beauty, is to see life for what it is.

Not as you want it, or as it “should” be.

But as is.

Remember that here and now is all we really have, and to waste that time looking for a cheap substitute with which to cover your insecurities is a BIG mistake.

Instead, be yourself.

Be love, be truth, be light… be beautiful.

Not in a physical way, but in a real way.

Step into your truth, and allow the process of perfection to take hold of your soul.

Real recognizes real, right?

And so, beauty recognizes beauty.

Don’t delay. Time is short.

“Look, I am coming soon!”

Revelation 22:12

Love you.

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I like big ideas and I cannot lie.

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