“Eye Measure”

4. Nunchi / 눈치 / (NONE-chee)

Nunchi is a Korean word. It directly translates as “eye measure”.

Popularized in western circles by the book The Power of Nunchi, it comprises a dynamic of emotional understanding which American’s seem yet to master.

Korea throughout its history, has often been in a vulnerable position geopolitically. On the world stage, it’s stuck between China and Japan. Two well respected military forces.

Because of this, they often needed to deploy a means of diplomacy that wasn’t as flashy as their neighbor states who boasted nuclear arsenals, long-range missiles, and vast standing armies.

In short, Nunchi was developed as a means to survive.

My definition, is to take in an added sense of others.

Being able to read a room upon entering, or sense the power dynamics of a board meeting are two examples that can give us an inkling into what it means to possess Nunchi.

Full disclosure, I’m terrible at this – so be forewarned, these insights are second hand.

Though from what I gather, Nunchi is a skillset that when coupled with a knack for hospitality, allowed a tiny nation to gain a seat at the table of international conversations.

Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt for us to give it a try.

And yes, we know these things intellectually.

But in order for us to evolve, we need to move past theory, and into practice.

Learn about yourself. Today.

Maybe, start here?

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