“Liberty Starts Within”

3. Eleutheria / ἐλευθερία / (el-OO-theh-REE-yah)

Freedom starts within.

And in this instance, manifests as liberty personified. An ideal among the Greek pantheon of gods and goddesses

Eleutheria is a word that seems to float above the veil of our physical realm in some ways, it feels almost esoteric in nature.

Though this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Freedom is an assumption.

Or perhaps, a recognition of the complexity of being. Maybe, it’s only in our ability to adopt the right guidelines that a path becomes apparent.

Despite –

With no ability to see, we remain stuck.

Shackled to the norms of current culture.

“The Greek word “ἐλευθερία” , transliterated as eleutheria, is an Ancient Greek term for, and personification of, liberty. Eleutheria personified had a brief career on coins of Alexandria.”

(via Wikipedia)

So it seems to reason that Greeks understood the concept of liberty quite well, though a great irony remains that Socrates was not a fan of the notion, and as such, was willing to render his freedom of speech void in service to the state.

Death of Socrates – Jacques-Louis David

A decision that cost him his life.

My point here, is that to be free isn’t the same thing as to be free from consequences.

It has to mean something deeper.

I’m not sure where I heard this but I liked it, goes something like…

Information is knowing roads exist.

Knowledge is recognizing the path.

Wisdom is the art of steering.

If this is the case, freedom is the maturation of a state of wisdom.

Understand the inherent limitations of a given situation, and begin maximizing your infinite potential by learning to regard the cosmic bumpers that permeate your being.

(and by “cosmic bumpers”, I mean internal compass.)

Your conscience.


Because if you are to attain conscience-ness, you need to become aware of who you are.

But also, who you aren’t.

Be free today.


(Perhaps, even write up your own personal Declaration of Independence)

Here’s the hint for tomorrow.


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