The Birth of Quetzalcoatl

Originally published on my Medium page.

Quetzalcoatl is a legend of ancient Mesoamerican origin, whose birth story has been told countless times throughout the ancient world.

The name is in fact a combination of two — quetzal (or bird) and coatl (snake). Tlaloc, the god of rain, was also an instrumental character in this story.

It is a fictional story that reflects a hidden reality; that within each of us lies dormant enormous potential energy. Only we can tap into this deeper knowledge, but first — we must become ourselves.


One particular day, long ago, Tlaloc was sitting above a cloud raining life-giving water upon the earth below.

Tlaloc looked down and saw a beautiful cave that snakes would come in and out of to receive the life-nurturing water. But he saw there was one little snake that wouldn’t come out.

This snake was afraid of the light, in truth it was afraid of life. It preferred to stay in the darkness and safety of this cave and was too scared to venture out.

At first, Tlaloc did nothing but observe. He could see the little snake’s fear growing bigger and bigger. The god of the rain was moved; he felt love for the little snake. It was then that he said to himself, “I want to do everything in my power to help this little snake come out of the darkness and into the light”.

So out of his love for this little snake, the god of rain made it pour. He made it rain for days and days and weeks and months…

With every inch of rainfall more water came into the cave and it began to fill up. The other snakes all simply went outside but the little snake kept on climbing up higher and higher inside of the dark cave.

He was afraid.

And, while Tlaloc could see the snakes fear, he knew that it was only this suffering that would give the little snake the courage to come out of the cave.

Finally, after months of rain and no place else to go, the little snake had no other choice but to come out. Watching the little snake emerge from the cave, Tlaloc stopped the downpour and parted the clouds. As he did so, the sun began to shine brilliantly upon the earth below.

The little snake was in awe, having never seen the light or the world outside of the little cave. He marveled at the world around him as he felt the warm heat of the sun. He looked up to the sky and saw the most amazing thing: beautiful, colorful quetzal birds, flying all around him.

He was mesmerized by their beauty and grace.

But another snake hissed, “Forget it! You’re just a snake! You’ll always be a snake, you were born to crawl! You’ll never fly or be beautiful like the birds!”

The little snake’s spirit felt broken.

Tlaloc was watching this, and he blew away all the clouds. When he did, the sun shone more brightly than it had in two years. It was then that something very special happened.

The little snake looked down into a pool of water left over from the rain, and through the power of the light of the sun he saw his own reflection. For the first time, he saw his own eyes.

It was at that very moment that he recognized his true power. That if he believed in himself, he could make the impossible, possible.

The god of rain smiled at this because the little snake had finally understood his real power and was no longer afraid of the light. Moved by the little snake’s journey into his own power, Tlaloc decided to help him more.

Heblew the little snake up into the air, and he continued to blow until the little snake was even higher than the birds. As the little snake flew, the snake felt more alive than he ever had before!

The little snake was not afraid when he flew near the sun — for he now understood that the light of the sun was the same as the light of his own self. He flew closer and closer to it, for the light was like a magnet, and the little snake flew right into the sun and they became one; producing a total eclipse!


Something came out of the sun, but the being that emerged was no longer a snake afraid of life, but instead the great feathered serpent — Quetzalcoatl!

He has harnessed the power of his imagination and transformed himself into something greater than he was previously by simply believing.

Quetzalcoatl emerged from the sun and flew around the world, feeling the beauty, feeling the freedom of life and love.

As he looked down, he saw the cave where he had spent his whole life and thought about the other beings in the world who were suffering like he once did. They did not know their true power, and he wanted to be of service to them.

He said, “I want to bring heaven to hell. I will take heaven with me to any of my brothers and sisters who find themselves in hell.”

“This is who I am.

That is what I’m meant to do.”

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